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A female Health And Fitness after-a-nice-first-date-why-he-hasnt-asked-me-out-again After a nice first date, why he hasn't asked me out again? Relationship & Sex    age 26-29, anonymous writes:

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Hi All,

I recently met a guy through arrangement from my dad. My parents and I together with his mom and him met for thr first time through lunch. The guy and I didn’t interact much in our first meeting but we exchanged phone numbers. Days after we didn’t text each other but then my dad told the person who introduced us that we have good impression of him. Then a few days later I received his text and he asked me out on a date. I think we had a good evening out though I was a bit late in the beginning and I apologized and explained the reason. He paid for the meal and we took a walk in the shops nearby. He even suggested we should try a different cuisine next time. At the end of our first date we both went to take the metro but in opposite direction. He walked me through the platform and waited till the train came and waived me goodbye. I felt flattered and texted him upon my arrival to thank him for the meal. He simply said you’re welcome. Two days later he sent me a merry Xmas message and I sent mine to him and then we would go not contacting each other for one week. Then came new year I sent my greetings to him and he just wrote back. That was it he didn’t even mentioned of fixing a second date.Do y’all think that our feeling on the first date was mutual? If so, how come he suggested things that we should do next time but asking me it again? I mean I took the initiative afterwards to say hi but he went cold. What went wrong and what should I do? I think he is a decent guy whom I think may be shy. I am getting confused and would like some clarification and insights thanks!

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