A female Health And Fitness am-i-being-sent-signs-that-i-should-stay-single Am I being sent signs that I should stay single? Relationship & Sex    age 41-50, *ena the warrior writes:

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I met a man on a drunken, fun night the other night. We clicked and had a lot in common. he was quite sweet. he took me for dinner and gave me sweet cuddles. I had asked God if maybe God would want me to have a boyfriend or a husband a couple of days before this, because I’ve been feeling decidedly un-sure(as usual) a bit lately and have had some pretty dire things done and said to me by the opposite sex. I immediately stopped The question to God because a man always comes along (isn’t God amazing?) and it’s always horrible. The thing being, I probably would have ran if he had told me he was married before he kissed me. He told me after. he had no wedding ring on so I assumed he was single. he said that he and his wife sleep in separate beds. he gave me his phone No So that we could go out again, plus he gave me $20 which I promised to give back to him… Soon annoying! I have had an affair before with a married man, he told me that he was married after he had screwed (with) me. I would never do this knowingly to any wife, as I have had it done to me too many times to mention.

I have been single for 16 years and when I meet men they always have a ton of baggage. They always – ALWAYS have other responsibilities. (So how dare they try it on with me!) I love being on my own and I Love being God’s servant and am not being respected for this, this is my ideal situation! The other ideal situation is having a boyfriend or husband but one who is decent. I honestly have not met one yet. And no, I do not go out alot and drink, I do many other things and have done over the years, but not to meet men. Men are scared of me. (That’s probably because they know they are jerk off at heart)? So, men these days just have so many chains on them and so I think God is sending me this message.The last man I went on a couple of dates with, who I met on my street, wanted me to smoke cannabis (but didnt smoke it himself), wanted babies with me (we didn’t even kiss), but it turns out that he had a girlfriend (he didn’t let me know until after the 2nd date).What do you think?Is God letting me know that I should be on my own still.I’ve managed this far…I thank you for your time and always Love your answers to other people in problem land, hence my Q to you guys.

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A male reader, WiseOwlE Health And Fitness am-i-being-sent-signs-that-i-should-stay-single Am I being sent signs that I should stay single? Relationship & Sex     + , writes (29 March 2019):

The last place you want to look for love is in a bar. When you’re intoxicated, everybody’s a nice-guy! Don’t blame the guy if you don’t bother to ask if he’s married before you start making-out. You’re experienced and mature enough to know better; and if cocktails dulled your inhibitions, I guess the blame should be shared between the two of you.Now be careful how you insert God into this. He doesn’t suggest we go out to bars to find mates. In fact, He’s not too happy about His servants getting drunk. Only because it makes us more vulnerable to those who could hurt us; or we could do something to hurt ourselves, or others. You know God isn’t popular with people in today’s culture; and many like blaspheming His name by cussing, and ridiculing those who worship. It’s expected, I read the Bible and heed those warnings. The righteous will be persecuted. Called names and made fun of.My dear, when you pray for something; you have to use your faith and wait for God’s answer. You rushed things when you went to a bar and setup your own situation; and I assure you, God would not set you up for an adulterous-affair to break his commandments. That’s purely of your own doing…of course with the help of the devil; who enjoys tying us up in knots, and leading us down a path to darkness. God never said we wouldn’t suffer hard-times, have life-difficulties, or make mistakes. He didn’t say we wouldn’t be lonely. If you believe in Jesus, you know He suffered. He’s there to guide us, and catch us when we fall. He’ll insert people into our lives who may be beneficial, and remove those who are not. If He warns us and we don’t listen; then we make the choice of dealing with the consequences. You got a warning once you realized the guy is a married-man. I think you should block the married-guy on your phone, and not go out with him anymore. Let him attend to his marriage. If he can’t fix it, divorce his wife. Don’t jeopardize the destiny of your soul, or divert your blessings; by letting other people drag you down to low and dark places.Women are not all angels. So making sexist remarks like all men have many chains on them. You will remember from your scriptures, all fall short of the glory of God. We are all sinners; but we find our salvation through reaching-out to God. Women cheat, lie, wreck homes, and do everything to men that men do to them. They’re not natural-born victims. They also make choices and suffer the consequences, as do men.God is expecting you you to use your better judgement and discernment. You’ve managed this far, because God loves you; and He watches over you. He expects you to slip; so always ask for His forgiveness if you do. He will forgive you every-time; and many many times, if you ask with sincerity.You must make the effort not to repeat what you know is wrong. If it’s deliberate, it counts against you.You’ll find love, and your prayers will be answered. You only need to be patient, have faith, and wait. God does things in His own time, and all the while He is aware of your needs before you even ask.God bless you, my dear! I’ll send-up a prayer for you!

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