A male Health And Fitness am-i-being-used-by-someone-who-doesnt-care-about-my-feelings Am I being used by someone who doesn’t care about my feelings? Relationship & Sex    age 30-35, anonymous writes:

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I’ll try not to make this long and keep it brief as I can, I’m on a dating site app and joined it because I’m single. met some nice people and made friends a long the way. I messaged this female who I liked and we started talking to each other. we share the same interests and to me, seem to get on. however I’ve noticed a change in her since we have talked. when she’s online she will ignore me and takes ages to respond to my message which she didn’t do before. why is she doing it now? am I being taken for a ride? I don’t want anyone to think I am being dumb with this. I’d just like advice on this.


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