The Fat Decimator System

stages;steps which you do

1.Confront the person you wish to talk to about losing weight.

2.Tell them that you want them to be here for a long time, and that you want to help them to be healthy.

3.Focus on health, rather than looks. It is important to explain that you are attracted to them now, and that should not be the primary focus.

4.If they agree, get rid of all the junk food in the house, including soda, high sugar cereals, etc.

5.Replace all the junk food with fruits, vegetables, high fiber cereals, water, vitamins, etc. It won’t hurt for you to stop eating the bad foods also. Plus, if you’re eating the same things, it will make it easier on the both of you.

6.Do yoga, go to the gym, jog, and take walks together. Doing it together will help to keep your loved one motivated to keep going, and the more weight they lose, the better they will feel.

7.During the entire process, give your mate encouragement. Say how good he or she looks, how well he or she is doing, how proud you are, etc.


·Go in with a positive attitude, it will make it a lot easier to open up to your mate.

·Don’t try to force anyone to lose weight. When someone is forced to do something, they’re more likely to quit in the beginning.

·For a little competitive spin, go to the school’s track, and race each other on foot. You’ll have fun and lose weight in the process.

·Be mindful of that person’s pitfalls. What leads or contributes to his or her weight gains? When there are physical or emotional attachments (giving birth, a newer source of stress, an illness, grieving a death), be mindful that coping methods are developed for a reason. Somtimes, that person simply has never been exposed to healthy eating, healthy portions, or quality exercise.

·Make it a part of your daily lifestyle, rather than a short-term goal.

·Keep a weight loss log on the fridge, your name on one side of the paper, your mate’s on the other side. Week 1, lost 3 pounds, etc. At the end of the month, you can add it up, and see how much each of you have lost. You don’t have to keep the starting weight for everyone to see, or you could even just record the percent loss a la the television show The Biggest Loser.

·There are many people and information in your area, and online, as far as vitamins, weight loss regimens, excersises, foods, and so on.

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