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A female Health And Fitness baby-daddy-is-secure-financially-but-i-love-a-poor-refugee Baby daddy is secure financially but I love a poor refugee. Relationship & Sex    age 30-35, anonymous writes:

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I am in a relationship with the father of my daughter and I live with someone else …my baby daddy is okay …he can provide …he loves me very much …and his financially doing fairly …the guy I love with is a refugee and broke…but we love each other …he tries to show that with the little that he has…I on the other had I struggle finacilay but I believe I can take care of my self …Baby daddy used to not care much and was set in own ways …but these days his more attentive because he realized I might walk away…when I say his financially okay …it’s because he inherited the home we live in from the family…he however is old 45 …not much he did…did not work for like 15 years because the family could provide …until he realized that time is running out ..but now his doing okay thought he spends a lot of money that he makes…so in one way I think his the same as the baby daddy…he just lucky…I love my boyfriend but I know that his broke…and I the fear of leaving for the struggle scares me to hel… For my own sanity I was thinking I leave them all and start my life with my daughter…but I know everyone will judge me …for l acing a comfortable life for struggling …don’t judge about that because I live in a country where the economic situation is about harsh..

So my question what should I do? As I am in love with a broke guy but in a relationship with a man more financially stable ..who loves me but I don’t .. I am 33 by the way

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