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Hi I’m having a sexual problem with my boyfriend any advice you could give would be helpful thanks..

My boyfriend never tells me what he likes in bed he always says he likes what we are doing.. The thing is I know he likes porn actually I think it may be borderline addicted , I have suggested we watch it together and he says no gets really angry and had even cried.. I also suggested using his bag of toys I found in his bathroom fake vagina and anal stimulator and such .. he refused and I got really depressed about our sex life.. I feel unattractive like my sex is not good enough even though he assures me that sex with me is the best he has ever had. Anyways I talked with my Therapist and came to the conclusion he has an addiction I brought this up to him and He threw out all his toys (I never asked him to do that ) and said he didn’t, well we have been separated for a while due to ongoing issues but recently got back together… I wanted to look pretty for him so suggested we go to a sex shop and he bought me an outfit and a vibrator I begged him to pick something for himself and I had no judgment me said all he needed was me so we left .. Then back at his place searching for toilet paper in the bathroom I find he has a bag of anal and random sex toys again .. I wasn’t upset that he had them only upset that he refused to use them with me and flat out denied that he is into prostate anal message stuff when I basically begged him to tell me what he liked. He told me he didn’t like anal play and only tried it once then never did it again and had no care to do it, but why did he buy another one then ? I confronted him and he said he didn’t like that toy only herd it was supposed to feel good. I’m just upset that he refused to use this stuff with me like he can watch porn and experiment but not tell me what he wants in bed .. then he ended up crying and screaming at me. I told him just to forget it. But now I honestly feel really bad about our sex life and don’t even try anymore. I’m so depressed and feel unattractive. All I wanted to do was please him and feel good enough. What should I do I’m never in the mood anymore and he has noticed it. Thanks for reading..

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