A female Health And Fitness can-anyone-give-me-any-advice-and-tips-on-how-to-fit-all-my-work-in-and-college-work can anyone give me any advice and tips on how to fit all my work in and college work Relationship & Sex    age 18-21, anonymous writes:

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im in my third year at uni now and I have my dissertation coming up in which im struggling to decide upon a topic .

im studying social science and up to now my main areas I want to look into are the media and sociology . The main topic I think I am going to go along with is how the judicial systems treats celebrities in comparison to non celerity defendants in addition to people’s perceptions on this and the power celebrities have in comparison to non-celebrities, but at the same im still unsure of this because nothing seems to really interest me . if I don’t decide on a topic soon then this could have an affect on my overall grade as the quicker I start on my dissertation the more time I will have to check it over . Shall I stick with this idea ? or can you give me any other ideas for a dissertation topic that maybe similar to this ? ive spend too long thinking of a topic so I really need to decide .also I start my new job soon and im slightly worried that I wont have a lot of time to do my college studies can anyone give me any advice and tips on how to fit all my work in and college work as I always end up getting stressed with myself and don’t want to submit any work late and really want to enjoy my job without feeling too over occupied with my studies .

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