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Why is he acting like he has a broken heart when he is the one that rejected me?

A female age 26-29, anonymous writes: Since past 3 weeks me and this friend of mine didnt had good time. We had been through cold issues, ignored each other, pretended to be okay yet it was hearbreaking for both of us and then got back again. All of this we (rather I went...

He watches porn before having sex with me

Hi I’m in a 5 year relationship I am in a very awkward situation I don’t want sex with my partner anymore over this past year I found out he watches porn before we have sex he’s been sleeping in the spare room for 9 months and I don’t know why he just decided...

Been out a few times but I got Cancelled on, was this the right response?

A male age 22-25, anonymous writes: As the title said, we've been out a few times already. Hasn't really been much of a spark but it seems like given time it could go somewhere. However this last time I asked her out I was cancelled on, not last minute but still cancelled on...

Any little thing seems to set my husband off and he talks to me very disrespectfully then acts like “I’m sorry” will make everything ok

A female age 41-50, anonymous writes: Long story short: my husband started talking to me in a downright offensive way. We had our problems before (he has a short fuse and gets angry easily, many things annoy him and he has reactions that are disproportionate to problems he's facing), but lately, things have been getting...

She broke up with me because I lied about my drinking. I want to get her back!

A male age 30-35, anonymous writes: I got a tough deal.. So my girlfriend just broke up with me, beacause ive continuously lied to her about my drinking. Which is a problem. I don’t blame her for breaking up with me at all, but of coarse i didnt want that.okay the thing is we...

I’ve fallen hard for him but do I wait?

A female age 30-35, *lsieMay writes: Hey Cupids :) I've been single for 2 years. A few months ago, I started talking to a guy who I first met 3 years ago. He's now single, but is still very affected by his break-up (from 5/6 months ago-I think they were together a couple of...

Should I talk to him about my concerns? Or just cool things?

A female age 22-25, anonymous writes: Hi all, wanting some relationship/life advice please! I split up from a long term relationship back in June this year. I lived with him for 3 years, we were together about 3.5 years and it ended badly with no closure. I was very much in love with him.I...

I’m 15 and can’t get over feeling the same way every day that I am a failure

A male age 13-15, anonymous writes: Hi all. I am 15 years old, approaching GCSE's and I'm under an onslaught of problems. My first is that I appear to be *VERY* unattractive (and not only just my apparent bad looks reinforce this). From what I've heard, seen and experienced people my age (and below)...

Should I ask my boyfriend if he knows what his friend says about me?

A female age 18-21, *ingergal writes: Recently a friend of mine was talking to me about an interaction she had with one of her guy friends, lets call him Brian. Brian happens to also be close friends with my boyfriend and lived with him last year. While my friend was hanging out with...

Should I pursue a different career?

A female age 26-29, anonymous writes: I’ve been teaching in a public school for 6 years. While I adore the children and love making a difference in my community, I think I’m starting to get burnt out. I live in a high rent city but teach in a state that was recently ranked one...
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