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7 Advantages of Using Different Sex Positions

7 advantages of using different sex positions If sex is only a means to continue your generation or just to relieve stress, the information bellow will be hardly useful for you. But if you have it for pleasure, to get extremely delightful emotions with your beloved, read this information carefully. Everybody says and writes that changing...

How to get him to see the urgency for a house and a family?

A female , *ackie69 writes: I have been with my husdand for just over 6 years and we are newly wed only married for 5 months. I find I am increasingly getting down and upset as we have been living in a caravan for 5 years together on his parents farm and we now...

I don’t know if I should date my coworker!

A female age 30-35, anonymous writes: UI think I know the answer to this, but I’m looking for someone to confirm that I’m doing the right thing. I’ve been in my current job for a year, and have sat right next to a man who is around my age. He’s not my normal type...

Are LDR’s real relationships, even if you haven’t met them yet?

A female age 18-21, anonymous writes: Hello, I am currently in a long distance relationship with a man. He is from the US, and is 21 years old, and I am from the UK, and am 18 years old. We met online, and have been together for a couple of months now.We are still...

A month in, I hate my new career!

A female age 26-29, anonymous writes: Dear cupid, Not really a relationship question, more a career related.Hi I’m nearly 30 years old and have been working self employed/contracting to employers in the construction field since I finished school. I have always liked my job but it’s not high paying. A few years ago I...

I’m pregnant and confused and worried about what I should have happen next!

A female age 36-40, anonymous writes: Just wanted to ask others opinions on this subject. Basically i have quite a bit of bad look with relationships, i have my own house and and have been living on my own now with just my dog and rabbit which is how i like it for...

He literally flipped in 8 hours! Is he blowing me off?

A female age 30-35, *indsaytcb writes: Is he blowing me off? I've been friends with this guy for years. We talk daily and have recently decided to take things to the next level since we are both finally single at the same time. Plus, he always lived about 6 hours away and now...

7 rules for experiments with sex positions

We’ve already mentioned that the best sex positions are those which suit best you and your partner. You will not learn about these positions in fashionable magazines and web-papers – you will need to choose these sex positions by yourself. Right about it we are going to talk now, and exactly about how to experiment with...

My husband has had numerous affairs and somehow it’s all my fault! Will he ever accept me and make me feel good about myself?

A female age 51-59, anonymous writes: I am the most pathetic person I have been married for 28 years. When we met we lived a long way from each other and eventually I moved 250 miles to where he lived. At the time this was because his job was better paid than mine but...

Why is the sex so stale? Is he not into me? Or am I doing something wrong?

A female age 18-21, anonymous writes: I'll just jump right into it. Basically, I've been dating this guy for about 5 months. Been a few bumps along the way (pretty much all on my side but nothing too serious, some problems with trust due to past etc.) but that's aside from my point. When...
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