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His words say “just friends” but his actions say otherwise!

A male age 41-50, anonymous writes: I've become very close friends with another guy over the past 2 years (both of us gay). He's so warm and natural to be around. After the first six months of our friendship I told him I had feelings for him but he said he was just...

I really like her but she’s giving me mixed signals

A male age 26-29, anonymous writes: Hi I really like a girl and get mixed signals, sometimes I feel she likes me and other times she is distant and feels like she is pushing me away. It's really a day by day thing. Some days she is clearly interested and then others seems to...

Social media, should we comment face to face on what we see on facebook?

Question - (3 April 2019) 0 Answers - (Newest, ) A female age 41-50, anonymous writes: Am a long time facebook and instaG/twitter user, and like many of us have “friends” and “followers” who are not really friends.Like colleagues, aquaintances, even family/siblings I never see and who do not comment on my posts..So.. regarding...

I know he’s had sex with others before being in a relationship with me but it bothers me that he lied about his “first” sexual experiments

A female age 30-35, anonymous writes: I have been in a happy relationship with my boyfriend for 8 months. we are very open about our past relationships and both of us accepted everything about it and continued. so trust and respect was the major factor in our relation. we have a very active...

LDR boyfriend is not giving me attention

A female age 18-21, anonymous writes: I have been in a LDR for about 5 months. I love my bf dearly and i am willing to sacrifice to spend time with him and talk to him. We met on a app and usually we talk on the app bc we can play games...

I’ve fallen in love with a woman 30 years younger than me with a boyfriend

A male age 51-59, *arbelly writes: I fell in love with a woman 30 years younger than me i behave she is my true love we have spend hours talking about everything but she treats me like a dad i think about her day and night her a boy friend fiance lives with...

Older man wont leave his girlfriend for me.

A female age 30-35, *eadwreckedR writes: I started an emotional and physical affair with a man I work with around this time last year. He started seeing someone about 3/4 months before me and him started talking. He's 15 years older than me,I'm 32 he's 47. We connected on a level I never...

I want to show him I care but I also don’t want to be a burden or an annoyance

A female age 30-35, anonymous writes: I was dating a guy for only 6 weeks. Things were going really well other than he wasn’t feeling good. Long story short, his symptoms have gotten worse and he’s not been working much and under going testing and imaging to see what’s wrong. So far, everything...

He won’t listen to me, that he has no need to prove himself! How to get through to him?

Question - (11 March 2019) 0 Answers - (Newest, ) A female age 18-21, *urseShadow99 writes: Hi, I have known a guy for about four years and have been dating him for nearly two years, he is good friends with my family and he and my Grandad are always winding each other up. They...

How can I help this relationship survive?

A female age 41-50, *londebomb2 writes: I am 40 F,3 years ago I met a 21F College student that was on a internship.(Asia)- I Never dated woman before. At the time I was in a leadership role within the college.She made passes and I resisted, because I was nervous, scared and because of my...
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