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Probably the most common questions guys have about dating is. “How do I ask a girl out on a date?”

It can feel like complete torture to most men. Some guys would rather cut off their arm then go up to an attractive women, and see if they would like to go out sometime.

I have a solution to this problem for you guys. It will completely shock you with its simplicity. You ready?

Stop asking women out! (at least the way you have been)

When you ask a women out. She immediately gets into “date mode.” She starts thinking about, the commitment, the awkward conversation, does she have time for a person in her life right now.

You might think, a women won’t think about all that when the question arises. One thing you need to remember is, women think with their feelings, not their words.

There are a couple reasons you don’t want to ask a women on a date.

When asking a girl out on a date, she will automatically see if she’s attracted to you or not. She has to figure out her interest level in you in less then a minute.

What is it you need to know? A woman doesn’t want to lead a guy on. But she also isn’t sure if she is interested in you at that very moment. So when you see someone on the street and you ask for her number. She will tend to say No. It doesn’t necessarily mean you weren’t her type. But you made her decide “On the Spot” if she wanted to give you her personal information.

Most women are not attracted to you immediately. Unless its on looks alone. If you rely on pure sex appeal, your really relying on “luck.”

Here’s the better approach.

Don’t move so fast. Be patient.

What is the most relaxed environment for a date?

Going out to dinner. Where you both will have to be on your best behavior. Where the romantic setting will not allow you both to feel more at ease and casual.

Or, a fun environment such as an amusement park or sporting event. Somewhere where you both can let your guard down and have a little fun. So that you can really be yourself.

Keep this in your mind. The dinner might have more of an edge you were hoping for. But you need to keep HER needs in mind. It’s about forgetting what you want. Long enough, that she can believe you will give her what SHE wants.

What you need to do is start low. If you meet a women on the street. Ask her if she has a few minutes for coffee or tea. Take the opportunity to get to know her. If she doesn’t have time for a drink. Then ask for her phone number and/or email address. Since she may not want to accept at this moment with such a casual invitiation for coffee/tea. She’s more likely to agree to give out her contact information. Most likely, writing it down for you.

The main key is to come off as confident but fun. Even a little innocent teasing can be helpful so she doesn’t feel too weirded out by giving you her personal information

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