A female Health And Fitness do-i-go-with-the-flow-on-this-one-or-try-and-dial-it-back-to-friends-only-and-if-so-how Do I go with the flow on this one? Or try and dial it back to friends only and if so how? Relationship & Sex    age 30-35, anonymous writes:

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I got back in touch with an old male friend around 9 months ago. We were close friends years ago and I was a good friend of his girlfriend. I’ve been in a relationship with someone else and whilst it started out as friends only, around 3 months in he started showing he was clearly interested in me.The messages quickly got highly sexual after that.

I have since split up with my boyfriend for other reasons. Our sex life and emotional connection was basically none existant so once we had split, I was keen to have sex again with someone else. I slept with this guy friend. It was great and liberating. He showered me with compliments including after and it made me feel great and a good distraction from the break up. He is adventurous and I found myself interested in trying out new things.He says he’s up for whatever I want but also tends to open up to me emotionally, has even mentioned we are ‘like childhood sweethearts’ when we slept together. He also keep saying how he doesn’t just see me sexually,he thinks I’m an intelligent amazing woman and not only are we sexually compatible but we have a great understanding of each other and can have the best discussions too.It’s confusing me, part of me thinks the sex and exploring this would be fun, part of me thinks there is too much emotion here for that and I may end up talked into a friends with benefits situation which I’m not sure about. What should I do? Go with the flow on this one? Try and dial it back to friends only and if so how?

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