A female Health And Fitness do-you-think-its-wrong-to-talk-to-my-mom-about-the-breast-augumentation-she-had-and-has-hidden-from-me Do you think it’s wrong to talk to my mom about the breast augumentation she had and has hidden from me? Relationship & Sex    age 22-25, anonymous writes:

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Do you think it’s wrong to talk to my mom about the breast augmentantion she had and has hiden from me?

My mom since I know her she is “strugling financially” she never has money, ever gives me enough money, I mean the most she gave me when growing up was $5 a month and now $20. $40 for birthday gift. Before I lost my job and went to public college I used to be financially independent but right now I am really in trouble because I am deeply in debt and I have to spend a lot on transport, Idon’t have a car and where I live the public transport is dangerous and scary. My mom she works a stable well paid job but she doesn’t care, she doesn’t care that I have necessities or health issues because she just don’t want to spend. She is so selfish she even made me pay for the food she invited me on my birthday with my gift money. Ever since I was little she never showed me how to be productive and she never, ever, ever bought me clothes or anything new, but she travelled a lot, without me just left me there alone to take care of my dad and brothers. She only went with my sister and both them got a boob job. When honestly my education was put to the side, Here you get what you pay for and just to compare she has paid more in breast implant than my whole education and it was sh*t. She never cared because of the “struggle” She always kept me in public schools where I had a hard time because she “has no money” The truth is she always taught me to be poor, that I should always stretch the money and never spend the $5 she gave me, because it was a lot. But she gets her tits done? I mean am I overreacting… I mean what kind of person does this harm to her children knowing they will never know what is a lot and what is a little. She is so selfish and I don’t know if I should talk to her about this.

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