A female Health And Fitness does-he-love-me-or-just-think-of-me-as-a-sex-toy Does he love me or just think of me as a sex toy? Relationship & Sex    age 26-29, anonymous writes:

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I’ve been with my bf for 3 years and now I feel like he just wants me for sending him sexy pictures and wants to see me for intimacy he barely even talks about himself like how he’s doing, or anything other than spicy pictures and am not sure what he thinks about us cause he doesn’t tell me. I’m not sure if he really loves me or he just wants me as a y ‘sex toy’ if that’s what’s it’s called. we haven’t had any sexual intercourse because my beliefs dont permit it and I cant seem to make him understand that even worse he is also a religious person as well but he still wants to have sexual intercourse. He has only been the only person I’ve gone far with and he knows it. I dont know what to do or ask him. I do love him and want him in my life but I dont know how to deal with all this sexy and nude pictures that he wants. I Need some advise on what to do. Thank you in advance.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (24 September 2018):

Girl give him a break!! After 3 years you haven’t even had sex of course he’s going to be obsessed with sex and ask you for sexy photo’s.. He is a guy after all, what do you expect!!If he didn’t do this then you might as well be friends! Before I knew you hadn’t had sex I was going to say count your lucky stars as most people stop all the naughty photo thing after 3 years but that explains it. You just have to expect him to be sexual with you until it’s the right time for you to have sex then it’ll calm down. He is a human and we are built to have sex that’s just how it is.

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