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Has anyone experienced fake friends? Ones that will do enough to be there but on their own terms.

So I have a friend I have known since child, and he is actually very negative. If I don’t say something right, he will jump at it to steer it in a negative way. If I say work was tough, rather than asking I will hear from him “your work, your team, your efforts all rubbish, don’t even know why you stay at this place”So I thought that from outside perspective it must b bad. So when I move onto another job my friend said: “you should go back, they have good opportunities, I heard staff there are really doing well”Why? When he jus advised against it, In my head I realised I’m always chasing that approval. Because over 20 years you build trust that what the other person is saying is for the best for u and your well being. We often turn to friends during times of need or when we cannot make sense of situation. When I have had a clear head I think I always feel frustrated afterr sharing with him. Yet his life is perfectly displayed when it’s not, but I would not dare be negative because I don’t want to discourage, demotivate or upset someone when there is no need. Am I just weak?

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