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A female Health And Fitness has-my-husband-lost-interest-in-me-sexually Has my husband lost interest in me sexually? Relationship & Sex    age 30-35, anonymous writes:

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Me and my husband have dated for 3 years and we just got married last summer. I love him so much and he loves me the same. But there was things of been bothering me….:(We used to have very active for sex when we started dating. And it very slow down now which I understand because we have teenage kids in a house and we been together long enough I guess? But I’m not satisfied and we have talked about this and he said he isn’t comfortable when kids are up which I totally agree and I don’t want it when they are up. And he said his sex drive got lowered… I’m 35 and he is 33.we still have sex prob 1-2 a week. But what bothers me is he watches porn everyday and every shower he takes he take his phone with him and watches porn. I even caught him couple of times but I didn’t wanted to hurt his feelings so I didn’t say anything. I was shocked but I understood that too. And what he watching on porn is BBW porn and I’m not small but still I don’t have that type of body. And one day we had sex and he went to sleep after and then woke up and went to take a shower and I heard he watching porn again…. is this means he isn’t satisfied with me? Or he just lost sexual interest with me? I felt Ugly and I lost my confidence since he have to watch porn everyday. I’m asian and what he watches is black or Latino….. and he is black so he might not interested me in sexually no more? I don’t know…. but I’m really lost….

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