A female Health And Fitness he-literally-flipped-in-8-hours-is-he-blowing-me-off He literally flipped in 8 hours! Is he blowing me off? Relationship & Sex    age 30-35, *indsaytcb writes:

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Is he blowing me off? I’ve been friends with this guy for years. We talk daily and have recently decided to take things to the next level since we are both finally single at the same time. Plus, he always lived about 6 hours away and now hes only a little over an hour away. I was supposed to visit him this coming weekend. Hes cancelled and said that hes under a lot of stress and that we will need to postpone. That he thinks he has to put his dog down and is having family issues and is just down and not himself and doesn’t want to expose me to that. I’m so confused! He literally flipped in 8 hours.

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