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A female Health And Fitness he-wont-listen-to-me-that-he-has-no-need-to-prove-himself-how-to-get-through-to-him He won’t listen to me, that he has no need to prove himself! How to get through to him? Relationship & Sex    age 18-21, *urseShadow99 writes:

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Hi, I have known a guy for about four years and have been dating him for nearly two years, he is good friends with my family and he and my Grandad are always winding each other up. They love the banter but as per usual my Grandad took it a bit too far telling my partner he is not romantic enough, my partner is now trying to prove himself, I have tried to tell him he has nothing to prove but he won’t listen. Whilst he is not the most romantic guy in the world he has nothing to prove.

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