A male Health And Fitness help-i-am-seeing-my-crush-in-other-people-i-dont-think-this-is-normal Help! I am seeing my crush in other people. I don't think this is normal! Relationship & Sex    age 26-29, anonymous writes:

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I developed a crush on a girl a while ago, Im pretty sure she is into me as well but we are both in longterm relationships. So I have limited contact with her but remained polite with just a hello or a wave.

The problem is I am seeing her body movements or face in other people that remind me of her. This is excruciatingly hard to get over her with these constant reminders.I have no doubt if we weren’t in relationships, we would be together.Is it normal to see things like this? Am I making the right decision by avoiding her? Or should I be breaking off my relationship?

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