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A female Health And Fitness hes-doing-weed-yet-again-despite-all-my-ultimatums He's doing weed yet again despite all my ultimatums Relationship & Sex    age 22-25, anonymous writes:

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So me and boyfriend will have been together for 3 years (March 11th) and are in the process of looking to buy our first home. However, throughout the relationship he has struggled with an addiction to weed. He has repeatedly told me he’s quit but then starts again. When he does it he’s a completely different person, I don’t hear from him, he gets super angry very quick and it has escalated in the past where it got physical but we got through it and I forgave him.He’s been clean for almost a year (May 2018) or so I thought. This morning I found weed in the dressing gown and when I confronted him he denied it but then finally admitted that he had been doing it for the past 2 months. I had no idea. So last time I caught him doing it I gave him the ultimatum, me or the weed. He chose me but now he’s doing it again. I don’t want to buy a home with him knowing he is doing this but on the flip side he hasn’t been showing any signs of how it was before despite him doing it for 2 months. I don’t want to leave him as I love him so much but I don’t want to be with him if he’s doing it and I’m so sick of telling him for it just to fall on deaf ears. Should I walk away? Please help

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