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i probably know what i should do but id still like some advice. I have been ‘dating’ a guy for 4 month we dont always get to see each other every week due to work and other commitments. We spend time at each others places but we had a massive talk about the future today and its knocked me. He has said its fun for now but probably doesnt see a future with me. I told him how i feel and he said he doesnt feel the same way , my feelings are so much stronger for him. He said he wanted to be honest and not lead me on so i told him he already had. He hasnt argued with me and is sorry that hes hurt me. Ive said im not sure what to do, if i continue seeing him i know my feeling will get stronger for him but then would his get strong for me ? if they dont on his part then its going to be so much worse for me. Is there any point me trying to show how good things are with me or should i cut my losses ?

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