A female Health And Fitness how-can-i-be-more-confident-in-social-situations How can I be more confident in social situations? Relationship & Sex    age 18-21, anonymous writes:

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I have often the confidence to be quite witty and use my sense of humour to speak and talk when needed to although I am a shy and quite person . I have realised that I tend to be confident and talkative in situations were most people are probably not I cant really think of any examples to give though . I am confident when perhaps being straight to the point , expressing my opinions and not being hesitant to show of my sense of humour although most people never get it . However I feel shy and quiet in the majority of social situations and everyday activities such as meeting new people , asking for a bus tickets , ordering food , when people come over and talk to me in a club and other similar situations . Im wondering how I can become more confident in these situations and how I can use the confidence I already have in regards to my sense of humour and being witty so I don’t feel as shy and reserved when meeting new people and finding topics of conversation to talk about .

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