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A female Health And Fitness how-can-i-be-subtle-and-hint-that-id-like-him-to-ask-me-to-the-prom How can I be subtle and hint that I'd like him to ask me to the prom? Relationship & Sex    age 16-17, anonymous writes: I really want to go to prom with this guy. He means a lot to me and so I really want to go this dance together because I think we can take our relationship to the next level if he takes me. he is a really amazing guy that i’ve been flirting on and off with over the past year. I know he likes me, and he’s not a ladies’ man, so I don’t think I have a lot of competition. But I need to ensure he asks me, so how do I hint that I want him to? is there any way you can think of to subtly hint that we should go to prom?

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