A female Health And Fitness how-can-i-deal-with-racism-ignorance-in-the-workplace-and-in-personal-life How can I deal with racism/ignorance in the workplace and in personal life ? Relationship & Sex    age 30-35, anonymous writes:

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I am a white southwestern european woman that has been in this country for almost all my life – I wasn’t born here but I am very Americanized and do not relate to my cultural upbringings (Balkan peninsula area) – I did all my education in the states from middle school all the way to college

At a glance I appear to fit in and have by birth a biblical name and a somewhat common last name(it doesn’t sound super foreign)Although I love this country I have a hard time talking about my past and talking about where I come from. I dealt with racism and ignorance in my childhood and this year at work it has sort of crept up. One of the big bosses I guess when I mentioned where I was from was joking about “chain migration” and how our president is going to end that( that is how I came here my grandfather) immigrated from Europe during the holocast. I have also had coworkers ask me oh where are u from constantly – which makes me feel like why!? I say this Bevause I have had people growing up mock my upbringing and mock my values etc. in a way these people have almost made me be embarrassed of who I am – this saddens me Am I being over sensitive? I would like to feel more comfortable about where I am from but I feel like I have to hide especially with today’s news! The derogatory comments I received as a child really hurt me so in the work place I have completely shut off Does anyone have any advice on dealing with ignorance ? When I meet people I never came what their skin color is or their ethnic background – so I don’t play detective and try to figure them out. Cause I don’t think it should matterThis is a hard issue for me and any tips would be appreciated – I don’t believe I have an accent (at least people) haven’t noticed much but it makes me scared in meetings to talk.. I always fear like omg what if I sound like I can’t pronounce things and what if they mock me and I misinterpreted a meaning to soemthing .. it’s this paranoia that has crept up on me and I feel I just shut off I am very Americanized and sometimes too foreign for back home but feel that somehow I am always somehow standing out Any tips ?

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