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A female Health And Fitness how-can-i-discipline-myself-so-i-can-learn-how-to-drive How can I discipline myself so I can learn how to drive? Relationship & Sex    age 41-50, anonymous writes:

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Hello aunts and uncles,

Do you have any advice on how could I discipline myself and do what I do not want to do, but have to – learn to drive?I’m 41 and had deluded myself so far that I may somehow avoid having to get a licence.I’m otherwise very responsible and hardworking. I take care of so many things in our family. Actually, almost everything but this. I kind of thought that on the scale of things the tip turns in my favor. But it turns out I just can’t avoid this. I never realized how much of a problem I’ve had with focusing. I just don’t know how I got two master degrees. How could I sit long enough to pass all the exams and write papers for months on end? The very thought of having to learn a whole booklet by heart makes me angry and scared at the same time. The same goes for driving classes. I crack jokes but deep down I just want to open the door, get out and run in the opposite direction.Thank you!

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