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I wanted to get some advice since my love life is a mess ( or lack of). I have been single for a year and a half and I have tried a lot of things to find the “one” but nothing – I can’t seem to connect with men and the ones I do connect with or find sexually appealing are taken or I run into them in the hallway but are strangers etc

I am not picky but sometimes when u see someoene for the first time before u realize their married or not – u notice their looks and I happened to find my married coworker very sexually appealing ( he seems like a bad man trash talks a lot of his significant other ) but I find his attractive I also have tried online dating but I can’t aeem to trust men on those sites I also have dated men in the past because I was getting desperate and that turned into a mess ( my ex ) I found him very sexually appealing but his personality was awfulI don’t know what to do .. I can’t seem to connect to men emotionally .. the men that make me feel comfortable inside have sometimes been a decade younger or just boys ..What is wrong with me .. I feel like I can’t seem to find the right in between I hope this post doesn’t come off as vain .. I try to be very open minded with men so much that they use me sometimes but I want to have the sexual and emotional connection Any tips

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