A female Health And Fitness how-do-i-accept-that-hes-moved-on-with-his-new-girlfriend How do I accept that he’s moved on with his new girlfriend? Relationship & Sex    age 51-59, anonymous writes:

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I am struggling to get past the fact that my ex-husband (of 20 yrs) has met a woman from another country on a dating website whom he has visited 3 times and holidayed in Europe with.

We have a child who he is supposed to have for part of Christmas Day then for 2 weeks holiday after that per our parenting arrangement. He emailed me a few days ago advising that he will be away during this time and cannot see the child for Xmas nor the holidays afterwards.I have not asked where he is going, but I suspect that his overseas girlfriend is coming over here and spending this time with him and getting to know his family on Xmas day and doesn’t want me and children to know. Alternatively he is going back overseas to see her, but I suspect she is coming here. I have not officially been told by him that he has a new girlfriend, nor does he think I am entitled to know. He is unable to be civil to me and is still very angry and hateful towards me therefore I keep contact with him to a minimum.I am very disappointed and upset that he has put this woman ahead of his scheduled time/holiday with his child, and that he will not reply to my email messages. Child hasn’t been told by him yet about this looming situation. I know children are resilient and this time will pass.Please advise how I accept that he has moved on with his new girlfriend and how his family is accepting of the situation regarding putting this woman ahead of his own child on Xmas day and reneging on the parenting arrangements.I am very hurt by the whole divorce, and breakup as it was his decision straight after I had breast cancer, and he moved on quickly with his online Ukraine girlfriend. Not one of my ex-in-laws has reached out to me since we separated 18 months ago and I have been totally ignored by them.Thank you in advance.

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