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A female Health And Fitness how-do-i-go-about-finding-love-does-it-happen-when-you-stop-looking How do I go about finding love ? Does it happen when you stop looking? Relationship & Sex    age 30-35, anonymous writes:

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How do I go about finding love ? Does it happen when you stop looking?

I am a single female that turns 33 in a couple of months and everyone around me is married or on their second child- I feel the pressure and loneliness of being single but I can’t seem to find anyone.I have reflected on my past and I have been a pushover – a woman with no backbone and a woman that has done anything to get a tiitle and not be alone (this all stems from my abusive/narcissistic parents) nothing I did was ever enoughLong story story and I am not being vain because honestly looks come and go but I do not have issues picking up men but it’s seems nothing is clicking – at bars I get asked out a lot and online it just hasn’t worked I have leaned into faith in this time of uncertainly and loneliness but can’t help but go back to wanting love and wanting a man Does anyone have insight as to how to go about searching for love? I have tried online and time and time again it’s just not happened – the work sitatuion it bar either .. I’m left defeated sometimes and thinking about the “clock” and my family’s comments about how I can’t seeem to find someoneI am not a woman that asks for much but I feel at least some mutual attraction has to be ther

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