A female Health And Fitness how-do-i-stop-my-anxiety-from-ruining-my-career-and-life How do I stop my anxiety from ruining my career and life? Relationship & Sex    age 30-35, anonymous writes:

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Last September I started a hairdressing apprenticeship. I was really happy because I was working dead end jobs for minimum wage that were very tiring physically. Luckily I found an employer willing to take me on as at my age it is quite rare. So the first 4-5 months were great. I am now nearly 50% complete so will qualify later this year. The only problem is I am suffering with a sudden bout of anxiety. I’ve suffered anxiety and panic attacks off and on since I was 17 and now feels so inconvenient. I finally fond something I enjoy, something I am good at and I Am terrified it’s going to rain it. I dread going into work and college sometimes as recently everytime I’ve been there I have struggled trying not to go full blown panic for no reason. I feel like if I do people will think I’m nuts and i will embarrass myself. And also that if it starts getting more severe it will happen all the time. Sometimes I can’t even look people in the eye because I feel like I am about to burst out crying. It sounds so stupid when I read what I’m writing but that’s the way it is. I have no reason to feel so nervous. I’m excelling at my apprenticeship so far and am top Of The class so i don’t know why my body feels physically and mentally unwell. Any advice to stop it ruining my life?

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A male reader, WiseOwlE Health And Fitness how-do-i-stop-my-anxiety-from-ruining-my-career-and-life-1 How do I stop my anxiety from ruining my career and life? Relationship & Sex     + , writes (15 March 2019):

Are you seeing a therapist about your anxiety attacks? You may require medication, or a change in prescription. I know a lot of OP’s come-off their medication; because they don’t like the way it makes them feel. Usually that’s because they don’t take it as prescribed, and they take time-off their medicine without consulting their doctors first. Then they try to find other ways to deal with their mental-health issues on their own; which is fine, but not when you’re having recurrent episodes of illness, without seeking medical-treatment.Get a complete medical-examination from your general practitioner first. Make sure you’re physically okay, and get any other possible medical issues out of the way. Even your medical doctor can prescribe mild sedatives. Sleep deprivation and severe exhaustion also cause or intensify panic attacks.You didn’t mention that you were seeing a mental-health professional; so I have to suggest that you should. Some things we can do on our own; but if it dates back to when you were a teen, you need professional-help. May I also suggest getting exercise and avoiding caffeine. If you have been prescribed medication, but you have been avoiding taking it; see your doctor before you resume taking the medication. Explain any unusual side-effects. Your doctor can determine if there should be a change of dosage; or a completely different approach to therapy. I don’t like excessive pill-popping and running everyone to a therapist; but something you’ve suffered long-term and seeming to be getting worse needs a professional evaluation.Even changing therapists might be suggested; if you’ve been seeing the same person for years, and see no difference in your condition. There are a lot of medical-frauds taking advantage of patients and social medical-programs; but don’t assume that’s the case, just for an excuse not to see your doctor.Meanwhile, touch base with your faith. I know people who have turned to their spiritual-faith; and found a great deal of peace and calm, in-addition to their mental-health therapy programs. Sometimes we need something science can’t offer; but mental-health issues requires a doctor to evaluate your mental-health, before you end-up hospitalized. People aren’t always good at exercising their faith; so they definitely need their doctor’s involvement. Don’t mess with your health!!! If you need to see a doctor and don’t, you can expect your condition to worsen.I discourage you from putting yourself down, or making references to yourself as stupid in any way. It doesn’t help, and does more harm than good. People don’t realize the impact self-degradation has on your psyche, and it isn’t necessary. A little humble humor is okay, we all make fun of ourselves; but putting ourselves down lowers self-esteem, and that causes complications with anxiety-disorders. Sometimes we push a little too hard, and just need some rest, extra sleep, and better dieting habits. In your case, I am recommending all of the above. I might add, discontinue any recreational drug-use. Just covering all bases, please don’t take that offense.

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