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Hey guys I have a question, may be weird for most as you probably have not experienced it. But I have to face the facts.

From young age I was always bullied about my looks. Certain facial features different proportions etc. Anyway I always found it embarrassing in front of my friends when someone used to say something to me. I was always ashamed of the way I looked. As I grew older I got more confident, but I could see girls have not been attracted to me. I tried it all, hair, clothes etc. But reality was there was always someone better out there.I remember my first ever date, we kissed end of night, and than she calls me same night and asks me about my fit friend. Yeah, next day he asked me if. I was interested in her, I said no, and they hooked up. Haha. Anyway 10years later and I got the same issue. I have girls who love to be friends but nothing more. It’s affecting my life now. I never believed I would be told I am stuck up, selfish and think I am gods gift when inside I don’t think of anything of myself. But yet I am being punished by others for not progressing or being with anyone. My friends think I hate girls. But I don’t, I hate rejection. So question is how to get people of my back? Family / friends.

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