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I have been dating a guy for three months now. He is quirky and fun, we have had some adventures and I enjoy my time spent with him. But my particular situation, I am only in my current location for 2 years and then I am moving away. Because of this and me young age, 22, I am not looking for the end all be all, so my dating has been for quality time and experience, not on track for marriage or anything. After Thanksgiving, I tried to break up with him because I just don’t have butterflies and I feel like once I see the end, it’s like, why keep going? He said he understood that we were kind of placeholders for each other and said why not enjoy each other’s company while we can? So I get that, he is attractive, we can talk and have fun and in that way, my needs are met. But with that said, I don’t get butterflies and have this unwavering admiration of him. So there is no magic. My thing here is that I don’t know when to end it because it’s this very honest understanding that we are not end all be all but are enjoying each other’s company. I feel like I could take it or leave it and because I am so independent and content with myself, it’s not like I’d need to replace him with someone right away. I am okay with being on my own. So do I keep seeing him because it is consistent and we get the attention and affection we want through the holidays, bc let’s be honest, the holidays are rough. Or do I just cut it off now because we both know it won’t be long lasting?

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