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We haven’t seen eachother in 3 months. She’s busy redoing her second year of nursing.

Anyway, last week she booked our flights to Spain in January, which is something I’m really excited about, but I just miss her so, so much. I feel fine most days, but there are moments when I can’t help but feel sad. I love her, but I haven’t told her yet – but there isn’t much need because I know she does. She’s not verbally expressive, she’s also quite shy, but I can just tell through her actions. Anyway, like I said, sometimes I feel down because it’s been so long. There isn’t really a question I want to ask, I’m just here to rant and get this off my chest, because I’m incapable of opening up to my friends, even the closest ones. I just can’t wait to see her… it almost feels like the first date again. Im nervous, I’m very excited, ….

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