A female Health And Fitness i-like-my-boyfriend-but-get-all-flustered-when-the-crush-is-around I like my boyfriend but get all flustered when the crush is around Relationship & Sex    age 18-21, anonymous writes:

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Hi im a 20 years old female from philippines

I have a boyfriend and we are already dating for more than a year now,but before we started dating the one i used to like is one of his friends,i even once tried to make a move on him first but he rejected me I dont know if its because he really doesn’t like me or he’s giving way for my current boyfriend because everybody of his friends knew that he likes me which i don’t have any interest that time. Because of his rejection i tried dating my current boyfriend so basically i dont have feelings for him at first but gradually i developed some strong feelings and honestly he is the first guy i had the longest relationship with and he is the first guy that i introduced to my family. The guy i used to like is always out of the country because of his work but he comes back after half a year. But right now i started to lose interest with my boyfriend maybe because we already pass the honeymoon stage of our relationship My boyfriend is out of town now because of school and the guy i used to like just came back and i feel kinda nervous and anxious i tried to act as normal as possible the feelings that i used to bury inside felt like going out again and im starting to fell out of love with my current boyfriend,and honestly i never even recieved even a single flower from him and i had the feelings that i want to break up but i also dont want to because of the memories we had.So my question is what should i do with this feelings? Should i continue having a relationship with my current boyfriend?

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (10 December 2018):

Only you know if you have outgrown your boyfriend, you have only been together a year, if you are not really into him and you like someone else then i reckon you could answer your own question really.You are young, you are dating and if you are going off your boyfriend then it is doubtful you are going to last a few years and be happy. If you are doubting him and only staying with him because you have had good times in the past i wouldn’t say that sounds like you are that into him…

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