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A female Health And Fitness i-saw-a-strange-number-on-my-husbands-phone-called-it-and-a-woman-answered-should-i-confront-him-about-it I saw a strange number on my husband's phone, called it and a woman answered. Should I confront him about it? Relationship & Sex    age 41-50, anonymous writes:

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Hi, I’m needing help on what to do next in my situation .

OK, so I checked his phone. But I had to. He’s been acting strange lately. I saw a phone number that called him this morning. And the call lasted 23 minutes so he had a conversation with this person. The number is not in his contacts or under a name of people he knows.So, curiosity got the best of me. I entered it in an internet phone search and came up empty. It only told me it was a cell phone number in the city of Toronto. No name or address. I called it and a woman answered. She sounded young-ish. But it wasn’t a business because she sounded too casual and didn’t formally introduce herself in a professional manner. I just hung up. Now, I’m left wondering what to do? Should I tell him about it? Give him an opportunity to explain? I am thinking that if he is talking to another woman outside our relationship, then he will find some excuse for the call and brush it off. And I don’t want that. Should I play coy? Not tell him I saw the number? It isn’t a number I recognize either from his contacts. It’s a new number.How can I find out on my own who it belongs to? What kind of excuse can I use if I called her? What does everyone think? I’ve trusted my husband through our 10 years. But lately he’s been acting distant. And I’ve been wondering why. So, I checked his phone while he was in the kitchen eating lunch.Should I confront him or find out on the sly?

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