A male Health And Fitness i-seem-to-get-looked-over-for-the-more-shiny-people I seem to get looked over for the more "shiny" people Relationship & Sex    age 26-29, *is_2017 writes:

The Fat Decimator System

Options. Everyone has options and like marketing the ones that are the shiniest are the ones that actually make it through. I’ve been meeting new people and just when I get close to them they start to be become distant and then you see them on social media happy with a shiny new person.

Its a trend that is too much a reality these days. It gets me sad at times but i guess that’s life.Ive accepted that the problem isn’t me. I’m loyal, calm, respectful and loving. Do everything I can do for the other half. But here in SA if you drive an old car or don’t dress expensively then you are just a nice person and the shiny ones get right bearing in mind a large percentage of them are living off mom and dad’s money.Oh well that’s me in a nutshell friends been a bit down about this lately but it’s the circle of life. 29 closer to 30 and still single.

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