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I just joined my uni swimming pool and there’s this hot guy who works as a life guard there and is super dreamy. I’ve tried to catch his eye lol and he always smiles at me and says Hello, we’ve had a bit of banter too which is nice. However I just saw his Instagram linked from the uni swimming team Instagram which he’s apparently on though on a different team to me, I clicked on it and found out he’s 18 and a fresher!! I didn’t realise as he is about 6″ and really well built, he also has a beard.

I’m 25 and doing my Masters, though I do have a baby face and am small so he probably thinks I’m younger. We are both at the same uni but would it be weird of me to go for it as I imagine he’d be turned off if he found out I was older? I do get attention from guys closer to my age, even guys who’ve graduated and have jobs, but I find guys who are into swimming which is one of my life long passions so much more attractive and that’s rare.

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