A male Health And Fitness im-growing-concerned-that-my-girlfriend-is-on-the-phone-for-hours-with-friends I'm growing concerned that my girlfriend is on the phone for hours with "friends" Relationship & Sex    age 18-21, *rying1997 writes:

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Girlfriend oh phone with other guys for hours late at night…..

So my girl and i have been together for a while. We like to fall asleep on facebook messenger videochat at night. Ive been getting worried because most nights I’ll try to call her and messenger will tell me shes on another call. But its for hours at a time. Like tonight. Ive been trying to call her since 10pm. Ive called about 5 times since. Its 1am now and shes still on the call. She says shes having fun with her girlfriends (out of town on a trip) but shes still on the phone, wont answer my texts or anything. She says she loves me, and i believe her.but there’s a few guys i asked her to block. One is her ex who she says she still has slight feelings for. But hes hours away. This is an every night thing and im getting more and more concerned. I dont wanna get hurt again….what do i do?

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