A female Health And Fitness is-this-co-worker-friendly-or-testing-out-to-be-more-flirty Is this co-worker friendly or testing out to be more flirty? Relationship & Sex    age 30-35, anonymous writes:

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At work there is a guy about my age who recently when around me or talking to me seems to want to touch my arm (shoulder area). He is a lovely guy to chat too but it dawned on me that no-one else seems to do it/not seen him do it to others).

The other week I received some bad news while I was standing in the kitchen at work when he was there and one other colleague. Soon after the colleague walked out he said ‘i dont know what to say come here’ and pulled me to him and gave me a really lovely hug. He also asked a work colleague later that day if I was ok. He has since continued sweetly touching my arm when he talks to me. I have since done the arm contact briefly myself so he knows that I am comfortable with it.He is not a shy guy as when he was talking at work to some male colleagues they were talking about technology and a bluetooth shower radio which had a telephone symbol on it and he joked about receiving a call saying ‘sorry I am in the shower soaking my b**ls.I hate misreading things like this so asking opinion on friendly or testing out to be flirty at more.

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