A female Health And Fitness ive-lost-the-people-in-my-family-that-i-was-closest-to-and-im-depressed-anxious-and-low I've lost the people in my family that I was closest to and I'm depressed, anxious and low Relationship & Sex    age 22-25, anonymous writes:

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Over the last 12 months I haven’t been feeling myself.

I lost my grandad 7 years ago, my mother 4 years ago and my grandmother almost a year ago. They played a significant part in my childhood, obviously, as my mother raised myself and my sister on her own most of my life. She then became ill and we had to look after her. We spent every day together so when she passed it didn’t feel real. I think only now it’s starting to feel somewhat real and that we will never get to have her back again. My grandparents helped my mother in raising us, we spoke every day and always made time for each other. Recently I just have no motivation, no energy, no desire to do anything or go anywhere. I don’t want to go out with friends, my partner, even my family. I don’t want to celebrate Christmas, as this is the time of year in which they all passed away so it is a very difficult time of year. I have been asked to celebrate new year with my partner and his family, but I don’t even want to do that. I want to stay in and sit in my own company. I’m jealous that my partner has his family and I don’t anymore. It’s a very strange and selfish feeling. I need some help on what to do as I’m tired of feeling down, depressed and anxious to do anything.

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