A female Health And Fitness long-distance-relationship-started-out-so-good-but-now-so-bad-do-i-end-things Long distance relationship started out so good but now so bad. Do I end things? Relationship & Sex    age 26-29, anonymous writes:

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so I am in a long distance relationship for 7 months now. He is from Texas and I’m from Ireland. We met on his first night here, and we just chatted for the whole night and we made plans for the next day and the next and it was on the second day he told me he wanted to kiss me but I didn’t think I saw him that way. but the more time we spent texting and meeting up I realised that I was really attracted to him. I was a single mother who wasn’t split from the dad that long so I wasn’t looking for anyone romantic.

but I really did fall for him over the couple of weeks he was here. I met his daughter he met mine, I drove to Galway to be with him on Paddys day. and then out of no where he said that he’s fallen in love and wants to be with me, he said we have a lot of things against us but he wanted to try so we could be together. no word of a lie I never metanyone like him. he was the sweetest, most sincere, most caring man I ever met and I never known a man to show someone so much love and affection, and to me he was just perfect. on his last here we went for a meal and a few drinks and he just cried, he cried for me and my daughter and how much he was going to miss me but we promised each other we will fight to make this work. first two months were great, he works with animals and he would video chat me so I could see the dogs because he knows how much I love them. he would wake up real early to talk to me over the phone (6 hours ahead of him) he would face time me and he would cook and tell me what he was cooking and it’ll be like I was just there with him. we would tall for hours, he would sing me our song on guitar. and he would tell me every day how much he loved me and how much he misses me. even over the phone we were inseparable. we had a playlist together that we would put songs in that reminded me of him and vice versa. he would go to concerts and ring me. he would video chat me with him mam and daughter. his friends would answer the phone. we could never get intimate though, we were too shy but we didn’t mind that. in May, a week before my birthday he calls me and said I’m in work but I know it’s your birthday dinner so enjoy and I’ll call you after work. I didn’t hear from him for 2 weeks. I would call, no answer, I’d text no reply. but he was online and putting pictures up. he was living his life but I had no idea why I wasn’t in the picture anymore. I woke up to two messages on different mornings- the first saying happy birthday, and the next I miss you more than you know. it wasn’t until I was in hospital exactly 2 weeks later he texted me asking why I was in hospital. I told him and 7 hours later he texted are you still in there and I told him they’re keeping me in. I asked him where he was for those 2 weeks and he said we can’t be together because it’s too hard to be here without you and I can’t ask you to move because of your daughter. I told him I loved him and I said why can’t you move here like we always said. then I found out there was a huge thing with his job that went viral and he was getting death letters and everything and I saw the comments online I knew how bad things were. but we got back together but it didn’t seem like he was pushed to get back together.now it’s been 5 months since he ignored me and he has done it about 5 times more. he is coming over in December for 2 and a half weeks and I am beyond excited to be with him. but our relationship is shite now. he s completely changed. I’m lucky if I get about 5 messages a day from him but he will just stop for the rest of the day. we don’t do date night anymore. when he gets depressed and needs me and I’m there he insults me and it hurts because he promised me he would never put me down. I can’t talk to him about any of it because he just doesn’t bother ringing anymore and his phone rings out when I ring now. he doesn’t text me to say good morning or goodnight anymore. he doesn’t call to say I love you. I’m so lost because my friends keep saying he is punching above his weight and he has the nerve to ignore you almost every week. it’s gotten to a point where I don’t even talk about him anymore. I love him. I want to be with him and I will admit that I’m holding on for the guy he used to be. he said that his life over there has changed and not his love for me, but shouldn’t I be his constant then? if his life is changing and not me or the way he feels then why has he changed towards me. I feel like we are a hook up, and not a couple. he never asks me how I am doing and when I tell him I have a bad day he rings me for about 10 minutes. the other night he said he will call me back and I waited up for another hour and I called him I got nothing. when I woke up the next day I still had nothing, oh I’m sorry I never rang you back or anything.was it all a lie and should I just move on? Or should I not be afraid to tell him how I feel and try and have a proper conversation about this? he always avoids it and it’s just gone on too long now.thanks xx

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