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My wife & I still talk about our first 3 dates.

They were amazing, we had a blast, and everyone we know has heard our stories about them.

At the time, she had no idea that I was structuring each of these dates along some very specific guidelines that I had learned over the years.

In this week’s podcast, I will share these with you plus some absolute 100% rules that I ALWAYS follow and strongly suggest you do as well.

For example, if you don’t walk away from your first date with a woman without saying “Wow”…don’t go out with her again.

This structure works, as I have taught this to many guys over the years. The idea is to set each date up so that you and she are at your most relaxed and open so that the “real thing” can happen…or not.

Here’s specifically what I cover in this podcast episode:

  • What to do on a first date, second date, third date & beyond
  • How to structure your first date for success – right from the start
  • Why the first kiss is so crucial to your long-term dating success
  • The specific “way points” you need to hit on each date, what they are and what each of them specifically look & feel like
  • Why the first 30 minutes of a second date are the most important 30 minutes in the beginning of any new relationship
  • The red flags to be on the lookout for and what to do for each
  • What to cook for her on the third date & why
  • The 5 things to have in your home before she walks through the door (PLEASE DO THESE…for the sake of mankind!)
  • Specific examples of how I and others have used this content with great success in the past

At the end, I also reveal a very special opportunity to work with me coming up this winter – so be sure to listen for that too. I’m super excited about this, and talk a bit more about it on this week’s podcast.


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Listen Here:

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Show Notes:

First date tips – more specifics on what to do, where to go & more on a first date

How to kiss a girl – includes my kiss test for the very important first kiss with a new woman

Last week’s podcast on how to qualify a woman (referred to in date #2 discussion)

Learn the 11 “Must” Skills with Being Successful with Women & Dating – My “80/20” Dating Guide (free pdf)

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