How a man lives is how a man loves

No woman will enter into a relationship with a man whose doesn’t naturally expand hers

~ Stephen Nash

The Fat Decimator System

Those two quotes surfaced during the launch of my recent 3-part video course on attraction. Specifically, I explored the powerful attraction that leads into lasting relationships (so, MORE than just physical attraction).

Without a doubt, lifestyle and social circle play a large role in KEEPING a woman attracted to us.

She, unconsciously and innately, will evaluate us based on our lifestyle and our community of friends. She knows that these two relationships reveal the real YOU.

In this podcast episode (a brief one btw – just over 20 minutes), I discuss these 2 quotes and reveal the BEST way to leverage this fact of attraction to our favor.

And it has nothing to do with ‘pretending’ either…just the opposite actually.


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Listen Here:

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Show Notes:

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