A female Health And Fitness my-boyfriend-who-is-broke-pretends-to-take-control-of-my-economy-and-my-bank My boyfriend who is broke pretends to take control of my economy and my bank. Relationship & Sex    age 22-25, anonymous writes:

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Me (22) and my boyfriend (26) went on a trip that we didn´t plan. At first it seemed like a good idea because he was about to get some money for having quit his job, and someone was about to send him money that the person owed to me.

I spent all my money in that trip. I had to use all my savings because he did just take 200 dolars that his mom gave him to the trip. He quit his job 6 months ago because he is lazy. I felt so angry because I had to make phone calls to borrow money and I even cried. He acted like he was sad that he couldn´t help me but still didn´t move to get any money or ask anyone for help. He just waits until I do everything because he knows I will. My mistake is that I acted like all the money was Ours when it was mine. Now I regret it because he was totally acting like He bought me this and that in front of my friends when it was my money from his wallet, he did not even cover his ticket. When in reality if the case is that I ask him for things I have to beg but when it is my own money he sais yes but still acts like it is his money.I just resent him so much because he is selfish. He told me just when we had no more time that he didn´t get the rest of the money from the bank. Because he knew I would pay for everything. And back at home he would have all his money intact. He always does this. Now he even took the money that I had in my purse, left me without a penny. Today I had to leave for school and I´m 1938 dollars in inmediate debt (have to pay for that this month) People calling me and have no money in the bank or even in my purse. He took it all. I told him where´s my money and he said he didn´t take it. I mean, he stole from me. I ask him to give me something and that I had to pay for a new id card because I lost it and he gave me 5 dollar coins and said: You pay me back ok. Super angry face. (And he took money back from the trip in his wallet.)I am so angry that he is acting like this, I just want to scream because he is abusive but we live together and I don´t know what to do I have no family or no one to help me, nowhere to go. It is really embarrasing that he is such a terrible boyfriend and such a loser. And the worst fact is that I let this all happen, I always want to be generous with my boyfriends, give them things, pay for the half of what we spend but I always get worst than nothing back, I get him being f*cking delusional and acting like it was his money he was spending on me and that I owe him. This situation is making me really anxious and depressed. Please give me your advice since I have no one to talk to or help.

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