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A female Health And Fitness my-father-made-me-look-foolish-when-i-was-buying-a-car My father made me look foolish when I was buying a car. Relationship & Sex    age 41-50, anonymous writes: Help with interferring father please.My elderly father embarassed me when I was trying to buy a new used car..!!He lives in another state and I don’t see him or my mother much.. 1-2 times a year, we small talk on phone every 5 -6 weeks, mostly about them, their health, random things, and my sister, her kids etc.. small talkwhen I told him over the phone late last week on a phone call my car was damaged and a “write off” or unrepairable, (as an idiot damaged it by reversing into it at low speed) And I had a used car in mind and was looking at it today, he asked where, when was I test driving it, and what type car..was it reliable etcI told him.. thinking it was innocent conversation.I’m a super independant single person and am used to doing things myself and dealing with all types of people, including used car salesman! I’m quieter but no pushover and am no fool.So..When I went to test drive the car today, and then buy it (my money, a bank loan) the young used car salesman told me my father had called early this week and spoken to him about the car and “not to tell me”!!!I was mortified and very embarassed he would do this behind my back and apologised.the young sales guy was ok with it and seemed like an ok sales person. He was ok to deal father’s (he’s 75) phone call made me look like a stupid middle aged female who cannot deal with this herself!I am furious at my father!!Yes he may have meant well but it looked like I could not deal with the simple act of buying a car which Ive done alone and without interferance three times before!!Do I mention to my father next time he or my mother call thatthe sales guy told me and “gave him up?”He didnt want me to know..I am not “close” to family and do not ask anyone for help..I want to scream or speak firmly.. to him (which I do not do)Or do I let it go and say nothing to keep the peace?This will turn into my dad being defensive andmy mother getting upset..I am not a weak person, Ive been independant since age 20And an furious he “helped” and made me look foolish!!!

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