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Hi everyone, my story might be shocking to all but im desperate to find an advice. I’m a filipina. I came from the family I can called dysfunctional family. I will try to make the story short . My parents are extreme abusive not only physically but also emotionally. I will not mention anymore what they did to me in the fast. Here is my actual problem with them now. 1997 I was working abroad with small income and supporting my children all alone by my self. So I needed really to tighten up my belt with budgeting. I almost don’t eat anymore just to provide the needs. Then come this news from my parents told me the government is giving a land to those who doesn’t have any yet. To have a property there, you need to pay a RIGHT” so I did. I send money for this right, and slowly sending additional money to build a small house. This property is not big, it’s just only 80sq. Meter. Times goes by my older sister live there for a while cos she have no place to stay. Of course it’s free for her. Then after certain time my older sister died. In other words there’s nobody liking at this house anymore. Cos my Children’s is living to my parents ( of course im supporting them) then my parents told me they will use my little house for rent, so it will earn a bit money for additional income. Of course I allowed them. Aside from the support for my children Im still sending money to my parent’s to keep building and keep the maintenance of the house although they are earning a bit money from it because of the rental. But I’m fine with it cos I really wanna help in any cases. Now times goes by, I meet my German husband and become citizen in Germany and not Philippine citizen anymore. the government ask to process now the tittle of the land, so I did work on it, then I found out there’s a lots of things my parents did not pay, like taxes etc. So to skip the stress of discussion and arguing I pay is without any complai. Now I’m here in Germany, it’s not easy for me to fix the tittle of the land so I leave the work to my auntie since I can not trust my parents anymore with money. But then I found out that my parents are fixing the papers of this property without me knowing it. They talked to the association that I’m not in Philippines anymore that I can not own any property anymore. So I said, how come? If I can not own it, I still have 2 children who is both Philippine citizen and they both doesn’t have any properties in Philippines yet. People, I work hard on this land even it’s small, I did it because I want to prepare it for my children. My parents asked so much money already to me before and you can not imagine how much I help so badly. I don’t understand now why my parents are putting the name of my land now to the name of my younger sister. Why? This story is not only like this, my parents really did a lots of bad things to me and my children already, they even said my daughter will gonna be a prostitute in the future and my son will become a drug addict which they made a mistakes cos my both children now is professional college graduate and both teachers. I need a professional advice how I can fix this problem. My son is flying to Philippines in 1 week and will try to fix the issue but I’m not sure if he can make it. My father has a lots oh connections in there area and he is so good in manipulation. Please help…

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