A female Health And Fitness my-pregnant-best-friend-and-i-had-a-misunderstanding-and-now-she-wont-talk-to-me My pregnant best friend and I had a misunderstanding and now she won't talk to me Relationship & Sex    age 36-40, anonymous writes:

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My best friend who recently got pregnant stopped talking to me over a small mis understanding. I was having a really shitty day at both personal and professional life and to vent i posted something somewhere..she assumed it was was her and went berzerk..She never gave me a chance to explain my side of story.i sent her multiple texts to explain what happened that day but she just wont listen..she thinks i insulted her for using me for my money. Now i know hormones can be extremes in pregnancy but now all she is doing is shutting me out..she wont talk to me about anything. She knew i was very excited for her kid but she is just blocking me out. She ignores my calls or texts, she wont even talk to me at work. I dont know what to do? Do women really behave this was in pregnancy?

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