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So I just started a new job a week ago. I was told my background check wasn’t completely back yet, but to go ahead and start on my scheduled date.

Today, I’m called into HR and told that there was a date discrepancy with an employer from 4 years ago. I explained that I’m sorry but I didn’t think that was correct and the date I listed was. They are now asking for W2s as they obviously don’t believe me.Personally I don’t feel that is any of their business and in order to get this job, I had to jump through another 20 hoops ( drug screen, physical, credit check, driving check, criminal, education, an hour long testing session at interview). It’s enough so that I almost just want to leave. I don’t have old tax forms and don’t feel that I need to contact the former employer to provide this. Am I wrong in thinking this is weird?

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