A female Health And Fitness none-of-my-friendships-ever-work-out None of my friendships ever work out! Relationship & Sex    age 30-35, anonymous writes:

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Feeling pained! Because I realize that none of my friendships are working out. I feel that people don’t have any real respect for me and that I must be doing something so horribly wrong to keep ending up in the same position time after time.

I cried on the phone to my mom today, because it hurts! It now physically hurts that I keep ending up in the same position. Meeting new people every now and then, but the connections ending up worse in the long run. The worst thing is that I’m a nice person, haven’t got any bad intention, but things are going wrong some where along the line to keep experiencing the same pattern in life. I would be so greatful for some advice on how to move forward.

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