I have been built my relationship during 5 years and still. But not marriage yet. During 5 years, we through happy sad, desperate, laugh, cry period. You know, for me is not that easy to maintain my relationship.

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Many or deal that we have to battle with, outside and inside. But now i just want to discuss and give you tips from my experiences with inside ordeal.

what I mean with inside ordeal is miss understood between me and my couple that evoke us got fighting but before i give you the tips you must kow, that this is difficult to do for you that have no willingness to repair and make your relationship going better.

The tips for couple are

  1. Think what your mistakes first.
    If you get fighting with your couple. Do you know, that actually both of you are wrong? Think your false, don’t ever blame your couple this all happen just because of your couple. Don’t include your emotion when you are thinking think objectively.
  2. Discuss
    Sit down, calm down, talk. Ask your couple. to tell what things actually make him or her angry and sad. Just listen until your couple finish. Then, explain to your couple anything that needs. to be explain. and after it clear, continuing with what do you feel and need to be explain. Don’t include your emotion in this conversation.
  3. finish your problem just in day not more
    More and more you tow your problem will broaden the problem it self, wasting time and useless. Speak up your mind, soon after you got fighting but you must cooling down do not include your emotion.

Those are my tips from my experience. I know it really hard, becouse we still full emotion. But we have to realize that basically we still need each other. Don’ l let our emotion cover our logic.
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