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One day, your boyfriend leaves you after a long time being accquainted each other. And then, you ask yourself that why? Let me help you figure out what went wrong!

There are a number of things that may make a man want to leave, some decent reasons and some stupid reasons. Not all of them can you do anything about, but a lot are pretty easily fixed if it’s not too late. You’ll find that many relationships can be pulled back together if only you know what was wrong, so I’m going to help you out and list off some of the chief culprits.

1) One of the biggest things guys run away from is a bossy, controlling woman. Some women seem to feel that they’re entitled to be in our faces and up our hinders 24/7, even when they’re not physically with us (in which case usually they attack us by proxy via constant cellphone calls demanding where we are). This is complete folly…as funny as it may seem to watch some guy in a movie get hounded by his bossy wife, in real life it’s not something people just laugh off. It’s something that makes guys run off.

So try to ease up a bit on the guy, if you catch yourself doing this sort of thing to him. Nobody should have to be constantly looking over his shoulder to see if his girlfriend is still watching him like a hawk. If you don’t have trust, you don’t have anything, so loosen up on the reins a tad.

2) A painful reason for a guy to leave his girl is when there’s another person in the picture. Whether it’s the woman who’s cheating on him, or he has someone else he’s either interested in or has already started getting with, a LOT of relationships are pulled apart by outside interference, usually invited in by one of the people in the relationship.

It’s not a difficult thing to keep from ruining your relationship. Best way is prevention. On YOUR part, it’s very simple…don’t cheat. Just don’t. To keep him from cheating, all you can really do is make sure he’s getting what he needs at home. This doesn’t necessarily even mean all the kinky sex his heart desires, just the attention he needs from a woman needs to come from you, or else he’ll start kinda wandering until he finds it from another.

3) When a relationship gets kind of old and stale, and nobody’s really investing a whole lot into it anymore…you could have problems holding onto him. Inactivity is a serious killer of relationships, and it seriously saddens me to think about it. Whatever the reason, be it work, class, or friends…sometimes people just don’t have the appropriate time to spend with one another, and that can lead down an unhappy road.

Best way to keep him interested and with you is to try to keep stuff interesting and spontaneous. Spend whatever time together the two of you can, and if there isn’t any time…MAKE time. It’s really important that the two of you manage to keep together, because there’s really no reason why two people that love each other should get bored and call it quits.

And those are the top 3 reasons guys generally leave…I’m not saying no guy has ever left because of something not on this list, but the majority of the male-initiated breakups are related to one of these three things. So now that you know some of the stuff to look out for, you can start fixing your life!

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